We are located at 2 Geylang Lor 15 . Opened daily from 5.30pm till 4am

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  • We were featured in Makansutra.com Stories/Reviews, 'That Nasi Lemak Moment' By K.F.Seetoh as well as the 'The Newpaper' 22 May 2010 edition.
    We would like to thank Makansutra and Seetoh for giving us this review.


          That Nasi Lemak Moment

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  • We were featured in Times Magazine "Singapore: 10 Things to Do in 24 Hours", both the printed and online version.
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  • ieatishootipost blogs Singapore's best food: Bali Nasi Lemak Satisfy your late night curry craving.
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Bali Nasi Lemak was established in Geylang since 1985. Being a casual and simple Nasi Lemak specialty store , it offers a variety of dishes at value prices.


We also provide lunch box sets and casual buffet catering services for all occasions.


Our Specialties

Bali signature kecap manis chicken (Famously known as “black” chicken)

Crispy golden chicken

Sambal petai

Long beans with sambal belacan

Curry chicken






  • We were featured in SPH’s Biannual Luxury Publication - The Peak Selections:  Gourmet & Travel, Issue Three ,2011 , ‘Late Night Delights’ . We would like to thank Mr Mike Wiluan from Infinite Frameworks for his recommendation.


  • The Silver Chef  - Cooking and reviewing the best of Singapore Food : Bali Nasi Lemak at Geylang Lorong 15
    We would like to thank  Ian for giving us this review.

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  • We were featured in 联合早报现在zbnow ,20 August 2011 page 7, ‘椰浆饭陪菜一道比一道精彩”.
    We would like to thank  Ms Mo Mei  Yan from for her recommendation.